An Ode to GradLife

I dream, I think, I see 

The end of this degree. 

Been many years, 

So many barriers: 

Long hours, failed experiments, 

Cover the hypothesis in cerements. 

Does it feel like you’re stuck in quicksand? 

Or are you stuck on flat land? 

Feeling like an imposter? 

“But I am very poorly today & very stupid & I hate everybody & everything. One lives only to make blunders.”

― Charles Darwin, The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, Volume 9: 1861

Well, join the roster.  

All on the same boat,  

Together, let’s cross the moat.  

Work makes you confound, 

But on this path, you will find something profound: 

Is it your true worth?  

Or maybe mirth? 

Growth and Strength? 

Or life and its length? 

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”


Climb out of the abyss, 

Find your true bliss.  

Quickly, the time will come,  

Don’t be glum.  

Time for other things,  

Let’s cut the strings. 

This journey will take you places,  

You’re now ready for all the races!

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