About GradLife

The GradLife Blog

McGill’s GradLife blog is an initiative supported by Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

The blog was originally launched by GPS in 2010. The mission of GradLife McGill is to showcase graduate students’ own experiences and to foster a sense of community across departments and disciplines. Posts portray students’ personal reflections, aspirations, triumphs, challenges and resources associated with their graduate journey.

As of fall 2017, the initiative will be extended to include:

  • McGill Graduate Alumni who are invited to contribute a special monthly feature to the AfterGradLife blog to share their stories of life beyond the McGill gates.
  • Guest bloggers (McGill graduate students, McGill organizations) who wish to contribute a post of a stories or experiences of their GradLife or share resources of interest to current graduate students.

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The GradLife Social Media Platform

The blog is the central element of a larger GradLife Social Media Team, currently comprised of bloggers, video bloggers, and Instagrammers.

The mission of GradLife Social Media Platform is to engage the graduate student community by delivering original, up-to-date student-generated content through social media channels most commonly utilized by graduate students in their everyday lives. Creativity, independence, and community are central to us.

Meet the GradLife Team!

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Want to join one of the teams? Here’s how to apply. (Please note, we are currently not accepting applications.)


The opinions expressed on Grad Life belong to the bloggers themselves and do not represent the opinions of McGill University.

Sponsored by Teaching and Learning Services & Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

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