Final countdown

It’s here! Finally, after much toil, tears, contaminated cultures and countless hours on the cryostat, my thesis seminar date is set. Should I be excited? Yes. Proud of the work that I’ve done to date? Yes. Terrified beyond reason? Absolutely.

Food therapy

Good morning. My name is Manjari, and I am a foodie. It started when I was 17, the age that I started exploring the culinary “scene” in downtown Ottawa – late, I know, but better than never, right? I discovered delightful little out-of-the-way bakeries and patisseries with to-die-for pecan date squares, tiny sandwich shops, tea… Read More Food therapy

Giving back

One of the greatest things abut being a gradate student is the diverse spectrum of opportunities that are afforded to. you From racing around a mall in a wheelchair as part of study, to “washing” brains for high school demos, volunteer opportunities abound and can add a bit of fun to your graduate experience.