Hello, Darkness

This is a response to an article sent to my class: Graduate School Can Have Terrible Effects on People’s Mental Health It is December already. There is no time to thinkingly daydream, in these early-to-nightfall-darken-the-doorstep days. Instead, to dispel the darkness that thickens the blood like a Canadian plague, I will hang here a series of lines to ‘light/en’ the load… Read More Hello, Darkness

How to Co-operate with Co-supervision

Not many students consider co-supervision for their graduate experience. Indeed, 2x the supervisors seems like 2x the work. But that is not necessarily the case. Being a co-supervised student, I’ve come to appreciate co-supervision as it benefits both my supervisors and me. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve accumulated over the past year on… Read More How to Co-operate with Co-supervision

It’s OK to Compare Ourselves with Others – IF WE DO IT RIGHT

We’re constantly told not to compare ourselves with others. Conventional wisdom has told us time and again that comparing is bad for our self-esteem, our relationships, a waste of time… the list goes on. Challenge! Comparing ourselves is a natural process that we all engage in, and it can make us feel better and motivate… Read More It’s OK to Compare Ourselves with Others – IF WE DO IT RIGHT