Heaven in the Bay is on the 8th Floor (One Grad’s Greatest Day 3)

Ever vigilant, I keep eyes peeled on sales racks wherever I go.  Especially clothing.  For a fellow like me (brand-hag and clothes-hound) clothing costs can spiral out of control if I’m not careful (which I always am).  I love good clothes and became addicted to them after discovering Winner’s in Prince George.

But since coming to Montreal I’ve made an especially good discovery:  the 8th floor of The Bay on St. Catherine Street.  That heavenly location has provided me Christmas presents and interviewing outfits galore, not to mention a bunch of frivolities that appeal to the peacock in me.

The clothes on the 8th floor of The Bay are new with non- or barely-discernible irregularities.  High end brand names at rock bottom prices ranging from 50-90% reduction on already (multiply) reduced prices.

One evening after work I met my fiance Diane there.  She, being native to Montreal, knew about the 8th floor before me, but this was not our first time there.  I think it was our third such rendezvous, and she the predicted big spender for the evening.

In the end she bought one pair of slacks.  I bought 3 pairs of slacks (Izod), a wool mock turtleneck sweater and suit jacket (both Jones New York) and two linen shirts, totalling about $200 for everything (about 1/2 the original price of the jacket alone).

I justified these purchases (not that I needed justification beyond the price) by reminding myself I’m in professional interview mode, I’m looking for a job.  I’ve felt sharp and confident during my interviews (yes at least I can say I’m getting interviews but no job yet) as a result.  In job hunt mode, which can easily get me down, confidence is important.  Of course it doesn’t replace good research, interpersonal skills, or preparation.  And anyway, here in Montreal we tend to be just naturally fashionable, well-dressed, spiffy or shabby-chic.

In South Korea, where my most important and stressful interview took place, I think my new clothes made an impression, and it helped a lot (it certainly didn’t hurt).

There’s almost nowhere else I shop for clothes (for some reason I always get very good deals at Banana Republic in Burlington Vermont as well).  With deals like these where else would I need to go?

(image source: thebay.com)

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