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Je croise les doigts et touche du bois: la recherche va bien

J’écrivais récemment que j’étais un peu perdue et que je me considérais comme un petit escargot dans mes recherches. Serait-ce le retour du soleil, la fin de la session ou juste le hasard des choses: là, en ce moment, tout va bien. J’en profite. J’ai passé la dernière session à tout planifier pour partir en stage… Read More Je croise les doigts et touche du bois: la recherche va bien

DNA and Me (Part 1)

We’ve all seen those commercials advertising personal genome sequencing. Companies like 23andMe and will sequence sections of your DNA and be able to extrapolate tons of information including, as the name suggests, your ancestry as well as genetic disorders and health risks. But while it’s very cool to find out that you’re 65% Ethiopian… Read More DNA and Me (Part 1)

PhD Candidate

PhD candidate! A major milestone that was the culmination of months of writing, reading, research and revising. Late night meeting with my advisor (who was invaluable), pushing my thinking, drawing connections from my hazy unformed thoughts. I held a practice defence that was open to everyone in the department. Now that was nerve wracking. Four… Read More PhD Candidate