Preparing for Life (1)

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As this is my last year as a PhD student I have started to prepare my departure from student-life and enter the real world. I’m sure that in few years I’m going look back to my years as a grad student and laugh at the fact of how protected we are from real-life responsibilities, but I have to graduate first to be able to have this profound realization!

I laid out a plan of what I have to do this year to get prepared, few things I have already tackled, or have begun the process, and now I want to describe one of them. Laser eye surgery – aka LASIK!

I started wearing glasses 1992 so 2012 is my 20th “anniversary” year of wearing glasses. Two decades of being almost blind without my glasses, holy osmosis! (cursing is apparently not ‘in’ on official McGill sites …) After a staff in one of the McGill labs had his surgery last year I was super pumped to have mine done as well, so as soon as I return to Montreal after my Christmas break I scheduled an appointment with a clinic to see if I qualify for the surgery.

The first appointment went well, there were lots of people I had to see that performed various tests but when I passed them all I was given the go-ahead for the surgery and a selection of what kind of a procedure I would want. I made an appointment for the surgery and was looking forward to it!

Next post is doing to talk about the actual surgery and what it feels afterwards, and that will be a long post.

Click here to read the follow-up.

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