Panama, a mystical and beautiful country. Acres of jungle slope over hills swallowing up roads and houses. The only possible termination of the vast and expansive milluex of flora and fauna is the ocean or the canal.  My hostel was a 3 story red house nestled to the side of a main road and as I slept, ate, worked… Read More Workcation

Tweet Your Thesis

  Go on, I dare you. Let’s see how good you can be at explaining the subject you eat, sleep and breathe in only 124 characters (including #tweetyourthesis). Mine will be: An inflammatory immune response can result from nutrient deficiencies (vit A and D) causing growth stunting in children #tweetyourthesis If you can’t do it in less… Read More Tweet Your Thesis

Sir William C. Macdonald and The Good Seeds

February 9th, was Founder’s Day at the MacDonald Campus. Crowds of students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered in the festively decorated gymnasium to celebrate the founder of the MacDonald campus, and major benefactor of McGill University, Sir. William C. Macdonald. I have been a student at MacDonald Collage since 2005, when I started as an undergraduate in nutritional biochemistry.… Read More Sir William C. Macdonald and The Good Seeds


Hello compatriots! I am in New York City for the holidays and it is the BEST. So far I have walked a lot, eaten gluten free doughnuts and pizza, gone to the Turkish bath, sang karaoke, watched MacGyver, hit on a guy with a girlfriend, had a job offer and been asked out by a criminal justice lawyer… Read More NYC 4 NYE

The Lab

Don’t get me wrong, I like working in the lab- but there is something horrifying about feeling stuck in a project when the only thing you can do to finish it are tedious, repetitive tasks that require your utmost attention. You simply have to take your time, no short cuts. To add another layer of… Read More The Lab