Warning: this post contains angst. The third year of my PhD work is quickly coming to a close (Omg. Aak. Eeek.) I’ve been thinking a lot about post-docs. About the type of research I want to do and the type of researcher I want to become in the long run. About fellowships and funding applications. About finding… Read More Where?


After my angst-ey previous post, I bet you are wondering, dear reader, how things went in Berlin! Things went fabulously – everything that could have gone wrong went right, and everything that could have gone right went wrong. I did not get the contract with the Staatsoper, but after a little youtube research, I found… Read More Peace


Wherever I am in fall, it always makes me nostalgic – either nostalgic in advance of the time when I will actually need to be nostalgic, or the real nostalgia.  Today, it was nostalgia in advance. It surprises me how fast Montreal has become a home.  I live in the Mile End neighborhood, which happens… Read More Nostalgia