The Liberal Arts under the spot this Saturday!

You are a student in philosophy? History? Literature? Or more generally in Liberal Arts? But though you have developed competences that are valued in many academic and professional fields, you may lack a concrete sense of available opportunities that lie ahead of you. If it’s the case, come to the 2018 Canadian Liberal Arts Fair… Read More The Liberal Arts under the spot this Saturday!

Professionalization the CAPS way

Confession time: I’ve never applied for a job. Sure, I’ve applied for graduate schools, grants and scholarships, teaching assistantships, and once, a course lectureship. And I’ve had  jobs outside of the academy too, ranging from gymnastics coach to in-China program instructor. Some of these applications required CVs, a cover letter, or interview, but none required… Read More Professionalization the CAPS way


Warning: this post contains angst. The third year of my PhD work is quickly coming to a close (Omg. Aak. Eeek.) I’ve been thinking a lot about post-docs. About the type of research I want to do and the type of researcher I want to become in the long run. About fellowships and funding applications. About finding… Read More Where?


So – that was that.  My master’s degree.  Was I dreaming? I have been recently hit with the common post-grad-school realization that I can do ANYTHING I WANT!  I have no familial obligations, no contracts, no school, no… ah wait.  The financial obligations are massive and heavy coming out of this endeavor.   This new stage… Read More Post-Post-Grad