Past GradLife McGill Vloggers

Past GradLife McGill Vloggers


Chloe Guinaudie 

I love people and am very curious (borderline nosy). I love hearing about other’s lives, feelings, suggestions, opinions, dreams; the whole shebang. I also love books. The reason why I’m bringing up my love for books is because I think about books the same way as I do about people. I feel so sad that I will never have the time to read all the books the world has to offer the same way I’ll never have the time to meet all the people the world has to offer. But the more books I read the happier I feel and the more people I meet the happier I feel. That’s why I am so excited to be part of the GradLife team. I really want to meet so many more (non-fiction) people and document their lives, aspirations and hopefully by sharing these will make students grad life experience more enjoyable and endorse a sense of community.

Aside for being crazy about books and people I also love neuroscience (incidentally linked to both). I did a Neuroscience undergraduate in London and am now at McGill doing a Neuroscience Master’s. So I am also brain crazy.

I think that sums me up nicely: people, books and brain crazy. Anyway, enough about me and more about us: Mcgill Graduate students. I hope you enjoy all the wonderful content we have on this blog and our Instagram and if you feel like sharing your craziest dreams with someone, give me a shout!


Sofia MisenheimerSofia Misenheimer pic

Sofia Misenheimer is a Communication Studies M.A. student with a concentration in
Gender and Women’s Studies. Her research focuses on female street artists and graffiti writers in Montreal who use public space to promote gender equity.

Sofia has a graduate diploma in Journalism from Concordia University and a B.A. in
French Language/Literature and Cultural Anthropology from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

In 2015, Sofia produced short documentary film, Record High, exploring Montreal’s vinyl revival. She is now working on a new film project about urban art in the city. You can follow her progress at


Julia KrylukJulia Kryluk pic

Julia hails from the small town of Cobourg, Ontario, having moved to Montreal six years ago for her undergraduate degree at McGill in Pharmacology. Julia is Montreal’s biggest fan and hopes she never has to leave! Finishing her second year of her Masters of Science she has many tips and stories to share with her fellow graduate students! Julia loves to spend time with her friends on the weekends and stays involved with her undergraduate passions by cheering on her McGill Cheerleaders and mentoring women in her Sorority on campus. Julia is always positively upbeat and wholeheartedly believes that the glass is always half full! She likes to stay up late, hates working out and loves a good latte.


Manmeet Singh RaiRai Pic

Program: LL.M. (Thesis)

I was born in India, where I graduated with my first degree in law and subsequently worked as the assistant state attorney, litigating cases before the Supreme Court of India and the State High Court. For the last seven years, I was in the United States, where I practiced and studied law, and recently immigrated to Canada, my new home.

I am currently pursuing my second graduate research degree at the McGill University’s Faculty of Law. I focus on emerging democracies, constitutional drafting, the interplay between religion and constitution, and using Internet as a tool for constitution drafting.

When I am not dealing with constitutions, I like cycling, running, photography, and making video blogs for my Youtube channel. I also volunteer at animal shelters, and sit on the board of two non-profits. I’m passionate about the environment and international politics. From time to time I write for leading newspapers on law and politics, and express my idiosyncratic views on my personal blog. Photography and making videos provides me with an opportunity to take a break from the research, and gives me a new perspective to see life. I am excited to make vlogs for McGill Grad Life, capturing some of the unseen and never explored before moments of graduate students at McGill.