Past GradLife McGill Instagrammers


Stephan Pigeon

Stephan Pigeon  

I am a PhD candidate in History studying the history of the book and culture of the printed word in the nineteenth century Anglo-American world. While a native of Kingsville, Ontario—Canada’s southernmost town—I have lived in Montreal for the past three years. My research at McGill asks questions about the circulation of ideas and information in the Victorian periodical press, the development of international copyright agreements, and the role of specialized editors who regularly borrowed, modified, and re-deployed old texts as ‘new’ in the periodical marketplace.

As a GradLife Instagramer, my posts will highlight my enthusiasm for all things ‘book history’. I am also passionate about good food and drink shared with friends and look for any excuse to explore a new enchanting location. For the 2016-2017 academic calendar, I am taking a research year abroad in the United Kingdom. Stationed primarily at Mecklenburg Square in London, look for my posts capturing time spent inside and outside the archive!

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Stephanie Anne Nairn Stephanie

I am currently a doctoral candidate in Sociology and Social Studies of Medicine at McGill – My research involves a qualitative exploration of the revival of Immunotherapy for food allergies. In addition to my doctoral research, I have other research interests that lie at the intersection(s) of health and society, including the interactions between biology and society, and most recently on a project that will investigate the culture of ‘pick-up artists’ in North America.

I’m passionate about teaching, learning and developing unique pedagogical tools to help students learn about Sociology and about life. I love to dance and am a part-time teacher of the GROOVE dance method – I am keen on integrating the GROOVE dance with other instructional methods at McGill!

I’m curious and adventurous and love experimenting with all creative arts – singing, dancing, yoga, writing, cooking, music, comedy… I’m looking forward to contributing to the GradLife McGill project through Instagram, as I believe it will bring graduate students together to share in and empathize with the great journey and adventure of grad studies! Peace, Love & DANCE!!!


Connie LuuConnie Luu

Program: MSc, Occupational Therapy

Research Interests: As OT is a course-based program, I do not have a thesis, however there is a Master’s research project which starts in the fall. My project will be looking at brain mechanisms underlying motor learning using transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

About Me: Prior to coming to Montreal, I did my BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Alberta. As much as I loved it there, it has been such a valuable life experience so far getting to know a new campus and new city. Instagram has been my way of sharing my adventures with friends and family back home, as well as finding new places to visit. I think it’s fascinating how social media can be used to engage and connect with people, and I look forward to sharing my experiences as a graduate student through GradLife McGill. In addition to spending way too much time on Instagram, I also enjoy photography, running, lettering, playing the piano, and checking out local coffee shops and parks.


Toluwanimi Fagorusi tolu

Program: PhD Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications)

Research Interests: Faster-than-Nyquist signaling, Coding theory, Telecoms Network Optimization, and MIMO Systems.

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria.

About me: I am a curious and simple person who loves to meet and interact with people a lot with the aim of building a long lasting connection and relationship with them. I love spending time with family and friends, my most priced Jewels. Even though, am an Engineer by profession, yet I appreciate music and arts. I love portraits and street photography. I play video games a lot, especially FIFA because it is just so awesome, cool and relaxing. One of my favourite quotes is this: All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough – Art Williams.


Falisha KarpatiFalisha

Program: PhD, Integrated Program in Neuroscience

Research interests: My PhD work focuses on the neural correlates of music and dance, such as examining brain structure in dancers and musicians as well as correlating brain structure to performance on dance- and music-related tasks.

Hometown: Toronto

About me: In addition to neuroscience, I enjoy travel and photography. I am also a Graduate Education Assistant at SKILLSETS and am passionate about leadership development. I’m excited to share my adventures at McGill, in Montreal and beyond with you through the GradLife Instagram (you can also check out my personal Instagram @falisha.k)!


Lyssa ManningLyssa

Program: MSc, Neuroscience

Research interests: I use neuroimaging (specifically fMRI and MRI) to study risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease at mid-life. My research involves looking at the effects of genetic risk factors and familial history of Alzheimer’s Disease, both individually and in concert, on brain structure and function and overall memory performance.

Hometown: Born in London, England and raised in Philadelphia.

About Me: When I’m not looking at brains, I like eating and running and taking photos. Not necessarily in that order and very rarely all at the same time. I am fluently sarcastic and enjoy terrible puns, climbing tall things, and sitting in the grass. I’m passionate about mental health and fiercely believe that existing as a human being outside of the lab or the office is an essential part of that. Everything in life has a balance and the graduate school experience is no exception.


Subhobrata DasSubhobrata Das  

Program – M Eng. Environmental Engineering

Department – Civil Engineering

Hometown – Jamshedpur, India

Subho (Shoe-bow) is someone who would describe himself as ‘fun-loving’. He is presently enrolled in the Environmental Engineering program at McGill. On a sunny weekend, you’ll find him playing the guitar in one of the fields in campus. Give him food and, on his face, you will see the widest smile that is humanly possible! A cyanophile at heart, Subho loves dogs alot. Probably as much as he loves travelling. When he’s not saving the environment, he is found composing picture stories for his next shoot.

Get to know Subho here Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – WordPress 


Jennifer ChenJennifer Chen pic

If anyone asked me what my dream profession would be, I would answer, without hesitation, superhero or vigilante. I have a wide imagination about all the possibilities and the desire to live out these visions in my life. Documenting different aspects of your life through words or pictures really allows you to reflect and remember the many many things that you encounter and experience.

(After that slightly deep introduction…) I am currently a first year Masters student in Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill University. My passions involve music, photography, cinematography, dance, and the list is constantly growing. I’m also an avid superhero movie watcher and as weird as it may, I love reading spoilers. I have been at McGill for quite a few years now since I did my undergraduate studies here too, but there are still so many aspects of Montreal I have yet to discover. I was born and raised in Vancouver so I’m a big Vancouver Canucks fan. (Sorry to Canadians’ fans!) Starting during my university years, I have started to travel a lot more and it’s a goal of mine in life to visit every single country in the world someday (if only plane tickets weren’t so expensive…). But regardless of where I am, I look forward to showing the world just who I am.

Heather RogersHeather Rogers pic

MISt Information Studies, Faculty of Arts

I am a New York native and first year Master’s student in Information Studies. As a future librarian, it makes sense
that you can probably find me somewhere in McLennan reading (and drinking a lot of coffee).

I’ve bounced around cities for the past couple of years but am happy to call Montreal my home now. In my spare time when I’m not up in the stacks, I love bouldering and cooking.

I’m excited to share my journey as a Master’s student at McGill discovering Montreal (and probably some library pictures) as a GradLife instagrammer.