Past GradLife McGill Admin

Past Coordinator


Sophia Kapchinsky, PhDSophia Kapchinsky

Passionate about inspirational leadership and clear communication, I blend the analytical mind of a quantitative scientist with the creative flare of an artist who consumed too much coffee. I take pride in my ability to see the forest for the trees while appreciating the foliage.

During my Doctoral work at McGill University, I was heavily involved in the Systems Biology Training Program and developing the SKILLSETS suite of professional development workshops. I’m a veteran juggler of competing priorities and taking projects from inception to the finish line.

Currently, I run a 2-day Leadership Training Retreat, the GradLife Social Media platform and the upcoming Undergraduate Skills unit at McGill University. As a side project, I am the musical director for CreativeMornings/Montréal and I write for their social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, and blog, reaching over 10,000 people.


Past Graphic Designer


Lanrewaju Adetunji Lanre

Programme: M.Sc. Bioresource Engineering

Research interest: Application of novel thermal and non-thermal techniques (such as MW, RF, PEF, ultrasound, critical fluids) in food processes like extraction, drying, and pasteurization; food structure assessment using rheology, chromatography, microscopy, and spectroscopy. In my MSc research, I studied the rheological properties of a food polysaccharide extracted using microwave heating.

Hometown: Born in Lagos; from Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria.

About me: Although a bit of an introvert, I love stories and autobiographies—the stories of where others have tread and what makes them ‘them’. Hence, I am curious! I love to write, but more than that, I love to make my writing aesthetically appealing (that’s typography!). Perhaps, it stems from my interest in computer graphic design and such related art. Such attention to detail contained in producing each masterpiece fascinates me. I have previously engaged and collaborated in a number of design projects. For fun, I love to play, watch, and analyze soccer matches. I also enjoy playing (and learning to play) my music keyboard. When doing none of these, I love quiet, at which time I best read, think, pray, and pen down thoughts. When I don’t keep in touch with family and friends, I am pained; but I sure try to.