Working outside Academia

For a long, long time, I wanted to be a CEGEP or university teacher. Academia has many problems, but most of the time this is the place I feel the happiest (thanks to my friends) and accomplished (thanks to the work).

But as you know, there are few jobs and many, many candidates who want to be a professor. I also don’t want to leave Montreal, even more since I had kids. They have their families near, friends, school. They are happy here and so I am.

All that to say that I found a job outside Academia. Since 2012 I am building my CV for a career in communications. And I found a part-time-can-be-full-time job linked to my research, perfect for family-work balance, in Montreal.

It’s been more than a month now. The first two weeks were very difficult. I wanted to work all summer on my thesis to be done with it in August, but now I can only work on it two days a week. I missed by office and my friends. I had to change the routine and put the kids in daycare 45 minutes early than usual. I miss being my own boss.

Now, I still miss working full-time on my thesis, but I also enjoy my new job. I like the people there, I like to learn new ways to write, I like to read on new topics. And I must say, it is relaxing to have a steady salary and not to worry about the next scholarship. I am very lucky to have a really great job.

I still want to be a professor. Or to do both: research and communications. Only time will tell. But for now I am happy, even (partly) outside Academia.

Banner image : @farahfsaad / @gradlifemcgill

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