Kid in the office

March break happens not only to university students, but also, as you can remember, to very young students in primary school. Like my 5 years-old kid.

To have fun that week, my two children and I spend some time in the Rockies to ski with my dad. That was challenging and fun (and exhausting). Then, there were 2 days left to the week. What was I to do with my oldest?

The first day, my wonderful mother-in-law took care of my kids. And the second, my oldest, F-A, came with me… in my office. Intern of the day. I was a little bit anxious: was he going to behave? Will he disturb my colleagues and professors? Will he be able to do things by himself while I work?

To be sure, I told my colleagues in advance that F-A was going to be there on that day. I wanted to make sure it was OK with them. Everybody was on board!

I must say, we had a great day. I had prepared a bag full of things to do: homework from his school, new Lego, dinosaurs, pencils and papers… and my iPad (and Netflix). I don’t usually allow screen on weekdays, but this was a useful exception.

Also, thanks to my colleagues, I had real productive time. One took my son in the morning to play in the park. The other helped the kid to construct the Lego in the afternoon. And in the meantime, we went to eat dumplings for lunch.

I won’t do that every day off F-A has, but once in a while, when other options are limited, I now know that he can be a great intern-of-the-day.

Do you take kids to work or to school?

Banner image by @fanidee // @gradlifemcgill


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