Where to find weekend vibes on weekday evenings

It’s a Monday morning and the ‘work-week’ has begun again, but I’m not upset – in fact, I’m thrilled! Monday night is the night my friends and I all get together for a beer, and to scour the recesses of our brains for odd tidbits of knowledge in pop culture, geography, sports, and history.

Monday night is Trivia Night!


Well, it is Monday for my gang and our favourite ‘Not-your-typical-Pub-Quiz’ event, but trivia nights/pub quizzes abound across Montreal’s bar-scape.

Each pub does it a little differently, with a revered figure of “Quiz Master” calling the shots. There are often music or video rounds, occasionally charades or other hilarious deviations from the standard list of Trivia questions.

49838176_314389105876879_8894445935040397312_nWhile you may be wondering how what is essentially an extra-curricular test could be considered ‘fun’, the hilarious team names, the uproar when obscure answers are revealed, the camaraderie, and of course the drink specials all help create a social, relaxed atmosphere for trying desperately to recall the names Ross’s baby on Friends, or the third longest river in the world (the answers are Ben, and the Yangtze, respectively… in case you were wondering). Also, there are often prizes for winning teams, such as rounds of drinks or food vouchers for the pub.

If you’re finding your week long and the cold/dark of winter dragging, grab some friends check out your local watering hole to see if they have a quiz night, or try one of these:

Fiddler’s Green: Sundays


Lord William: Mondays


Bar Le Vestiaire : Mondays  (FR)


PGSS trivia nights: Tuesdays


Ye Olde Orchard – Plateau: Wednesdays


One thought on “Where to find weekend vibes on weekday evenings

  1. Thanks for the list of trivia nights, Alex – I love pub trivia, and I’m happy to see that there are some I haven’t checked out yet!

    My favourite trivia nights in Montreal are at the Burgundy Lion pub in St-Henri (Mondays, 7:30 pm) and the Bishop and Bagg pub in Mile-End (Sundays, 8 pm I think?). The quizzes are pretty easy/the questions are quite general, and the winners of *each round* get a 50$ bar tab!


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