The little things that make my student life easier

To be a student in History you mostly need a computer and eyes to read. I am lucky and have that. But also some other items that make my student life easier.

Monitor Screen

After having a lot of pain in the neck, I found an old monitor screen buried somewhere in my office. Best thing ever.


Book holder

Like the monitor screen it changed my life by removing the neck pain. My colleague is letting me use his book holder when he doesn’t need it. I am looking online to buy one for myself.


Coffee Machine

Because I don’t have money for all the latte I want and because when it’s cold or slippery outside I can just make myself litres of coffee. I am also trying very hard to drink water too.


Beautiful Pen

The joy is sometimes in the little things. I have this fountain pen for a while now but it was not working well. Last term I decided to clean it and now it is working perfectly. I just love the feeling of writing with this pen. Plus, it’s more ecological.



I still only use my phone to note my meetings, but since I now have a pen to use, I also bought a paper agenda where I note my daily tasks I want to accomplish. I love to check «done».


I am clearly not at the level of my other colleague who has the most beautiful desk with lights and pictures and plants and everything so beautiful. But I am slowly going there.

What makes your life easier or funier?

Banner image by @steezsister // @gradlifemcgill

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