Do you need help to write?

Do you have many things to do instead of doing thesis work? Clothes to wash? Walk to take? Pen to buy?

I personally did meta-procrastination by going to the event « Writings Strategies for Procrastinators » last Wednesday at Thompson House. It was organized by  two graduate students in Educational Psychology. I learned there some tips to work more efficiently like :

  1. Write a bullet list with feasible daily steps
  2. Make time for writing in the schedule
  3. Form a writing group

While I can’t attend to the next event, if you feel the need to have people around (and not your supervisor!) to push you in your own steps, I encourage you to go.

You can join the McGill Reformed Binge-Writers Group by completing the form HERE.

Doing so, you will receive Paul Silva’s How to Write a Lot; learn strategies to avoid procrastination and have weekly check-in about writing goals.

Do you have more tips to write more efficiently?

Banner image by Monfocus // Pixabay

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