This is (I hope/sadly) my last back to school

Ah! The campus full of students after a quiet summer. The orientations, free food, nice weather. The meeting of old friends and new people. The slow time as a TA. The empty agenda (full after a day). Ah! The “back to school” time.

It is the 24th year (!) I am living that, and it is always my favourite moment. OK, when I was an undergrad, the end of the term after the last exam was also a pretty exciting moment, but for other reasons.

I do hope this year it will be my last year at school. I am writing a lot my thesis these days and my goal (and my bank account goal) is to finish next summer. I am happy because it will be the end of a long journey, but very sad because I do love academia and the student’s life, and my friends.

For the next few years, I will have to live the back to school by procuration. My oldest son started preschool in August (so yes I am walking him to school before going myself to school, which is pretty fun), and I hope he will enjoy education as much as I.

Capture d_écran 2018-09-17 à 15.26.13
Crédit: Fannie Dionne

Edit : the reason I didn’t post this before as planned is because I am now applying very last minute for postdoc position and postdoc scholarships. If the stars are with me, I might have a 25th back to school time! Ahah!

Good September to you!
Banner image by @fanidee // @gradlifemcgill

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