9 Good Selfish Reasons To Blog For GradLife

There are altruistic reasons to become a GradLife contributor – but let’s be honest, I’m probably not the only person who finds self-interested reasons more compelling than selfless ones. If you’re also someone who 1) wants to write and 2) finds selfish motivations persuasive, here’s why you should consider becoming a GradLife blogger:
    1. Because you’re a little sick of obsessing about your project, and you want an excuse to think about something else on a regular basis.
    2. Because you want to keep your writing skills sharp. Have you reached the sagging middle section of your PhD, where you no longer write fellowship applications but also do not yet have enough data to write up a paper? Unlike research articles, blogs don’t require experiments to work – you can just go ahead and write.
    3. Because you know that you can’t quite do it on your own, and you need a little bit of external accountability to write regularly. Not too much, just a little push – like knowing that you’re expected to make at least one post per month.
    4. Because you want people to read what you’ve written. If you make your own website, you’ll need to spend time and energy building your own audience – but with GradLife, you know that at the very least the other bloggers will take a look at what you wrote. Plus, you can get a nice ego boost if a post of yours gets popular and starts getting some nice traffic numbers
    5. Because you want to show off what you know. You have a wide pool of knowledge to draw from: you’re earning specialized training and knowledge from your specific field of study, but you’ve also accrued broadly applicable life lessons from life experience. Do you feel an itch to share the tips, tricks, and life hacks you’ve learned over the years?
    6. Because you want to network with people outside of your bubble. GradLife contributors come from all over the McGill campuses – and it’s nice to meet people from outside of your lab, cohort, or department!
    7. Because you want to boost your cv. Do you want to show some community involvement, do some knowledge translation, or have a portfolio of clips for future writing gigs? Turn this blogging opportunity into a career development opportunity.
    8. Because you need a flexible commitment. You don’t want to be constrained by time, by topic, by format, and you can’t guarantee that you’ll always be available at the same time every week. But you can squeeze some writing into the interstitial spaces of your life.
    9. Because it bothers you that you’re not seeing your own experience reflected in the GradLife archives. All the bloggers are fellow McGill graduate students, but no one else will have the exact same grad school experience as you: no one else holds the exact same combination of backgrounds, study topic, workplace, interests, privileges and biases as you do.


GradLife bloggers have collectively written quite a bit about their McGill grad school experiences – but there is definitely still room to include yours. To apply to be a blogger, fill out this form, and good luck!

Header photo originally by rawpixel/pixabay, edited by Sophie Cousineau

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