Being a lecturer : part 3

Almost a month passed after the June summer term officially end. Even if I know that I will never teach the same class again, I wanted to make a list of the things that I would change, if that even happen in another world.

  • On the syllabus, making crystal clear, like limpid like Fidji water, the policy of late paper/non-attendance, etc. We dealt, and are still dealing, with people who had problems (or just didn’t care before, yep!) during the term, but didn’t reach to us before. While each situation is different, I would definitely put some guidelines on the syllabus, with a «make contact with the professor within 48 hours after the missed exam or paper» and an «  after x days late, no papers will be accepted.»


  • Cut in the lecture material to make more activities. We did have at least one small group / big group discussion in each class plus some small activities or video… but looking at the general attitude there were still too much magistral. The balance is difficult to find, with so much to say about the different topics!


  • Make essays’ descriptions more detailed. And that will be easier since we now have examples of the essays by the students (and not just in our head) to know more about the points that need to be clearer.


  • Keep the exam style the same. I think we did a really great exam with good comprehensive questions.


Do you have any tips to make great classes?

Banner image by @kipunsam.daily / @gradlifemcgill


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