Becoming a lecturer, part 2

While lecturing is fun, it is also time taking and exhausting. I meant to write here about the process… but I am only writing now. As Sophie said, I had a crunch time.

So, how was it to be teaching for the first time? Let’s look at the good, the bad, and the other stuff.

The good

  • Planning a whole class is thrilling, because you can choose the topics and the evaluations to fit (more or less) your interests.
  • Vulgarizing information is a really interesting exercise.
  • Discussing with the students is really great. And being able to see by their attitude what they like or not during a lecture is helpful to plan the *imaginary* future class.
  • We tried to do a little bit of interactive pedagogy. I liked it and will certainly include more of it if I teach again.
  • Seeing yourself be called “Prof.” for a month – even if it’s not true – can flatter ego.

The bad

  • The time. Teaching and planning and grading takes a lot of time. Not devoted to any thesis work. Yes, the thing I need to finish at some point.
  • The exhaustion. After teaching and planning, I had no brain activity for anything meaningful, like writing. And the first week I went to sleep at 8pm.
  • The material. I wasn’t familiar with all of it, sadly.
  • Student management. Some with good excuses, some with less good excuses and some with no excuse at all. It’s difficult to be fair for everybody, it’s long to plan makeup test, and it can be stressful do deal with some situations.

The other stuff

  • Teaching with a co-lecturer was the best thing that happened to me for this first time.
  • Now I really want to teach in life. Sadly, opportunities are… rare.
  • On a personal note, I wasn’t stressed. I knew my English was not the best and that I didn’t know in detail everything but I was as ready as I could be, and ok with that. Not the Fannie from couples of years ago!

In conclusion, I had an intense summer term, but it was incredible. After the grading, it’s time to go back on thesis track!

Were you a summer lecturer?


Banner image by @fanniedionne

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