Eating the best vietnamese on campus

One of my best friends is Vietnamese. I grew up living, and eating, at her house almost half of the week. Her family cooks incredible food, and since I don’t go out often now (family, on a budget), I kind of miss those perfumes. But this week my colleague made me discover my new favourite place to eat cheap on campus!

I guess a lot of you already know about Vihn’s Café, in the Genome Building. But for me, it was the highlight of my week!

Just entering the building makes you travel across the sea with the delicious perfume of the food. The choice is vast, from sandwiches to rolls to bums to soups. While most of the food has meat, there is always a vegetarian option. And the taste is perfect. And the price is more than reasonable. Like, all perfect. They even take credit cards. And have coffee! Joy!

The only thing is that since everything is a take-out option, put in plastic wrap, it’s not ecological at all, sadly.

Now that summer is here, what places should I discover to eat on campus?

Banner image by @fanniedionne


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