Vacations or no vacations, that is the question

The grad student paradox (at least for me): a lot of time without strict schedule, vacations can be taken easily, but are not often taken. On the other side, when I worked, I was happily taking every day off I could in order to relax.

I took, I think, eight days of vacations last summer. Three on my research trip to Europe, and five (minus the time I took to TA and read) when the daycare centre closed. I went to see my father last winter, but I worked there. This summer, I will probably take two days to go in a chalet (camping in tents is not for me!) and three to assure a transition between daycare and school for my eldest son.

I am wondering if I can take some days for me. Without kids, without thesis. But I see the time (and money) fly, especially since I will lecture in June, and I still have so much work to do for the thesis, so much cleaning to do at home that I don’t want to lose precious time. But on the other side, I kind of feel exhausted and I definitely would enjoy some free time for my mind and body.

I guess working on my thesis outside on the grass, under the sun, with a homemade ice tea will be a good enough distraction!

Do you take summer vacations?


Banner picture by @kipunsam.daily // @gradlifemcgill

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