Eager to quench your thirst for knowledge? Pint of Science is back in Montreal from May 14-16th!

Pint of Science is an international science festival that brings research outside the boundaries of universities by organizing speaker series in bars. This is a unique opportunity for scientists and engineers to share their work with a large audience of non-experts and for the public to hear about recent discoveries made in universities and meet the people responsible for the future of science.

Pint of Science was created in the UK in 2012 and has quickly grown into an international celebration of science, a pint at the time! This year, scientists from 21 countries and over 300 cities – including 15 in Canada – will cheer for science and share their passion to their curious audience. The speaker line-up, featuring grad students, post-docs and profs from all fields or science and engineering, is available on our website. With 5 venues in English and 4 in French, for sure there is something of interest to you. Come enjoy a beer and let our speakers blow your mind with their work!

Join us for a science-beer cocktail, on May 14-16th book your FREE ticket online at http://pintofscience.ca , hurry, spots are filling up!


Join Pint of Science on FacebookTwitter,  and Instagram and keep the conversation going using #pint18 #science #beer #scientists #research #Montreal #scicomm

If you would like to volunteer and help organize the festival or be a speaker next year email us at canada@pintofscience.com during the fall semester.


Alex Alexandra Gellé is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry at McGill University. During her undergraduate studies in chemistry at Université de Montreal and Wollongong University in Australia, she realized how powerful science is in its capacity to bring people together – whether they agree or not! She started her PhD at McGill in 2016 and since then has coordinated the Montreal chapter of Pint of Science, an international outreach festival that promotes science and research through speaker series in bars. With her amazing team of volunteers, she reaches out to scientists interested in sharing their research to the public and host the festival during 3 days in Montreal.


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