Signs of spring in Montreal: the snow bank reveal

As Fannie pointed out in her recent blog post, spring is on its way! Thanks to recent warmer weather the snow banks have started to melt, to recede, to reveal all they have hidden this winter. In the past week alone, as I walked up Des Pins to make my way to the lab, I have noticed:

  • New cracks and potholes in sidewalks and roads
  • Stubborn patches of black icy snow, hardened to a concrete-like solidity by time, pressure and gravel
  • Dozens (hundreds?) of cigarette butts, at various levels of done-ness
  • A single black glove, adorned with a red Remembrance Day poppy pin, perched and sagging at the top of a wrought-iron fence
  • Numerous coffee cups, crushed by their consumers and/or the elements
    • Designs included: classic white Starbucks, black Van Houtte, generic brown with a coffee bean logo and no brand name, and many Tim Hortons Winter 2017, red-and-yellow Roll Up the Rim 2018, and classic brick-red cups
  • One tampon, unwrapped, unused. Cardboard applicator.
    • It disappeared from the Peel/Des Pins corner after a few days
  • Drinking detritus, empty bottles ranging in size from minis of rum to a 1L of limoncello
  • A Swiffer wet mop, broken in more than two pieces and dumped on a lawn in front of student housing
  • A single-serving carton of Muscle Milk™, discarded in the small strip of grass between the gym and the Des Pins north sidewalk
    • Who came up with this name? Why does it sound so unappealing to me? How would you even milk a muscle???
    • It clearly can’t work that well if, after finishing their single-serving of Strengthening Dairy™, the drinker remained so weakened by their workout that they simply could not carry the empty carton any further. How shameful it must have felt, to be forced to hide their paltry carton of Myofibrogenic Moo Juice™ in a snow bank instead of carrying it all the way to a trash can! Oh, the indignity.

Of course, we should all brace ourselves for the final few weeks of winter – there will be more sub-zero weather and a few more snowfalls before this season reaches its true end – but we’re almost out of the woods. Spring will be here soon.

Cover picture by Sophie Cousineau

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