The perks of being a grad student

Being a graduate student is sometimes hard, with the conference, paper to write, TAship and grading. But sometimes, it is also a lot of fun.

Free food

Food is everywhere. In meeting with the department, after a friend’s oral defence or conference or during a lunch with a supervisor. I really like when I can leave my lunch box at home!


When my boyfriend has to wake up at 5am to go to work, I can sleep. Ok, until 6am because of my kids, but I can return to bed after putting them in daycare… and then have to work until midnight. But hey, my choices!

Confort clothes

When I don’t have to TA, I’m alone in a close office at the library. From October to March, that means big sweaters and no pride at all.

Work from home

In the summer, I like to feel the sun on my back when I write outside. In winter, during one of these incredible snow storms, I can stay under my 100 comfy blankets and write with hot chocolate (or, mostly, coffee)… after putting the kids to daycare.

Working at home also means having the time to do the chores. They take a few minutes alone, but much longer with two boys around during the weekend!

Work from anywhere

Working at home is great, but I sometimes feel the need to go outside. And I have plenty of opportunities to discover a lot of coffee shops in Montreal…

… but also in other cities. From Quebec City to Paris and Rome, I had the chance to need (yes, need) to travel to do research.

What do you like in your #GradLife?

Banner Photo by // @gradlifemcgill

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