A guide to a proper graduate student desk for fall semester

I am not saying that this is my desk… But how about a list of items for a proper graduate student’s desk:

  1. An air conditioner that really should turn into a heater because weather on campus is about to get crazy
  2. A lamp that never works but with minimal effort could work (you know you just need to go buy that light bulb in the dollar store)
  3. Item necessary for the cool and sophisticated [insert hobby] that you say that you do and occupy yourself with (i.e. playing violin)
  4. Item for other [insert hobby] that you actually do when it’s time to procrastinate (i.e. binge-reading Calvin and Hobbes)
  5. That candy snacks you left there three months ago and never got around to eat afterwards
  6. Cups that you still feel too lazy to bring to the kitchen (one day it’ll happen)
  7. A monitor that actually sometimes works
  8. Stack of papers that are somewhat organized
  9. Stack of papers that are not so organized
  10. Stack of papers you need to get signed (or they’re already signed and you have no idea what to do next)
  11. Stack of papers that… wait, how and when did these get here?!
  12. A drawer full of things that seem quite useful for someday but that you never ever use and never will (mine include a cool dolphin sticker set and random sewing kit. I mean, why not!)
  13. That book you know you should be reading but haven’t. Why else would it still be on your desk?
  14. A plant that will most likely die in about 3 months (or fake plant that has accumulated three layers of dust on it, but, hey, it’ll always be alive!)
  15. The computer that is about to crash because it is running so many things, and you know you need to back it up more often because the inevitable is going to happen soon, but you don’t want to think about it because it’s fall and you are too busy reading Calvin and Hobbes right now…

Ok, maybe this is my desk… Happy fall semester, everyone!

Cover image by @lotteskovmand


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