Some tips to start a new academic year

As Laura and Sophie wrote about (and as you are certainly aware), it’s the beginning of a new academic year!

I like to try, at least, to prepare myslef for the term. I want to be able to manage research, my TAship, extracurricular activities and have family time.

Here are my few tips for that:

  1. I always have a real paper agenda for the month. I write in the weeks of grading I must do as a TA, communications I must do, and other important deadlines. So I know what I must do really, really quickly.
  2. I just started this, but now every morning I begin (after coffee, dropping the children off to daycare and coming to school) by writing a little bit of my thesis or organizing my notes. After that I do other things, but at least this way I know I worked on my actual PhD thesis before anything else.
  3. I bought a Barrista passport (15$). Until November, this passport entitles me to have one coffee in each of the different, affiliated coffee shops. I hope it will help me write and discover new places.
  4. I am leaving «easy» stuff for the evening, like reading or writing on blogs. So if I have to work, at least it will not be too hard.
  5. In my case I don’t really have a choice, but I am using my weekends to clear my mind and rest. So I am full of energy (more or less) every Monday.

Share your tips for a successful academic term with us!

Banner Photo by McGill Instagrammer @tolu_fagorusi // @gradlifemcgill


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