How to write a thesis?

I am nearly there.

There: the place in time and space where I shall open a new white page on Word to start writing my thesis.

I still have some research to do, books to read, but I think that I can do that while putting my ideas on paper. I guess it will help me to clear my mind, find what I need to focus on.

But how to write?

Shall I put all my reading notes in different documents to use them while adding my own thoughts? Shall I write about my sources and then find the information that I need? Can I do both?

I know that I am not the type of person to start on page 1 and finish at «the end». I go here and there and think about other chapters while writing another part. It is messy. But it usually works.

I am quite unsure about which process will bring me the best way to write a good thesis. I don’t remember how I did it for my Master thesis, a couple of years ago. I am afraid to do the wrong thing and realize after hours of efforts that I am off track.

Help me! How do you do it? How do you write a thesis?

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