The Last Post

Last PostSo, this it. The last blog entry for me. I have had an incredible year, and writing this blog has been an important part of the year. Writing this blog has given me an opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the highs and lows that I experienced in the moment.  In the moment. Had I not undertaken the task of writing as a GradLife McGill blogger, those moments would have perished as quickly as they came.  Instead, I had a reason to stop, look at those moments, pick and delve away at them, making sense of fragments of time as I tried to capture and record them with words. A series of snapshots that captured my highs and lows of balancing work, PhD, family, life. The ongoing battle with insomnia, my celebrations with procrastination, the high of a first publication and my candidacy defense, the low of missing a family wedding because of time pressures, the writing group I joined, summer plans and stressors. These were moments of my year, recorded in this blog. I have enjoyed every minute of the experience.  Thank-you!

Before I go, I wasn’t to thank the supportive team at GradLife.  Whenever I got stuck with the blog, someone was there, with instant assistance.  And thank-you for your understanding when I was drowning in work, and unable to keep up with the blog.  All the best to all as you journey along the path of a grad student, with the peaks and valleys that are part of the experience.

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