Children and productivity : for the better or the worst?

You will say that I don’t know what I want, and maybe it’s true. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how having children is sort of slowing me in my studies. And it’s still true, since months away from school when I was on maternity leave definitely didn’t help me to read and write.


Now that I am away from my family for two weeks, I realize that I’ve changed since I was working on my master. Back then, I was reading, writing, reading again almost non-stop. I could work 10 hours a day. I was slowing down but I never really stopped on weekends. And that was ok. It was my pace.

Now, I am all alone with all the time I want to work all day long. 7 days a week. And I just can’t concentrate enough to use that free time for my studies. My brain has been used to play in the morning, work hard during the day, have family time in the evening, and then a little bit of free time before going to bed.

If I was alone for more than two weeks, I think that I would be able to get use to working more. But for the time being, I will do what I can, but I will also rest in order to have more energy when my family comes.

Still… I am quite happy to discover that without knowing it, my brain just adjusted itself to the family constraints.

How do you organize your work time?

Banner Image by @fanidee // @gradlifemcgill.

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