You know it is time for a holiday when…

The term is over, classes are done.  So, what is next?  It’s time for a holiday. My list of reasons why I know a holiday is overdue, are the following:

  • You get nervous when your computer is out of sight (what if someone steals it!!!).
  • Your idea of going for a quick coffee includes a highlighter and a couple of scholarly articles.
  • The definition of a great café is multiple power outlets.
  • Half an hour of unscheduled time means you can fix multiple issues with endnote.
  • A social event is meeting your advisor at Thomson House to work on your research proposal.
  • Insomnia is time well spent – more time to keep on working.
  • Having defended your competency papers is a creepy – there is momentarily no stress, no deadlines (I can’t take it).
  • All compulsory course work is completed –  so sign up for more classes (cannot imagine not taking classes.)
  • Gym membership? – oh yeah – I forgot all about that.
  • Writing check lists is an essential start to the day.
  • After looking for the salt shaker for ½ hr, you find it in the fridge.  How did it get there?
  • Procrastination is viewed as an art form.
  • Suddenly, every article looks exactly like the planned dissertation. Breathing stops. What if everything on the chosen topic has already been said. Panic sets in.
  • Weekends?  There is a difference between one day of the week and another?
  • Sunny weather is depressing.  Rain is more conducive to getting work done.
  • The thought of a holiday causes stress.

A tropical paradise, perfect sunset – bring it on. What are some of your indicators that R and R are overdue?


Photo by Heather M.

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