Having a crazy amount of writing to do this weekend, I have decided to start things off in the most productive way I can think of: intensely procrastinating. My plan is to check emails – maybe every 15 minutes, while watching CNN (I don’t even like CNN). Maybe eat a box of chocolates until I feel really gross. Spend a couple of hours looking up stupid things on the internet. Write a blog. Then, hopefully, that need to stall will be purged and I will have a totally productive weekend. I read (on the internet) that procrastination represents a profound problem of self-regulation. Is that also the case if the plan includes procrastination? Seems to me, I am self-regulating at the highest possible level.

I was once told by a very wise writing professor that the act of procrastinating is an essential part of the writing process. That ideas are percolating, waiting for that moment when thoughts crystalize and are ready to be put to paper. I am going to accept this as irrefutable truth. If nothing else, I should have a most enjoyable couple of hours. And then on to the grind.

Let’s see how it works out.


Banner image by Heather McPherson.

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