Why you should be presenting at conferences

Conference season is approaching, which provides grad students with many opportunities to travel, meet new people, and share their research. As a grad student, whether or not you want to end up in academia, attending and presenting at conferences helps to hone transferrable skills which are important in the research world and the workplace.

To begin, before even attending the conference, you must write an abstract. Writing an abstract helps to develop clear and concise written communication skills by summarizing your research for a broader audience. It’s vital to present the novel aspect of the study. What makes your study unique? What gap are you filling in the field? Convince us that it’s important!

Next, if you’re able to present either at a poster or podium session, you’re developing your oral communication skills. You get to speak to a group of people (either large or small) to explain your project. This can be nerve-wracking but also exciting, and the only way to master presentation skills is to keep practicing! The more posters you can present, the better off you’ll be during future presentations in academia or in the workplace.

Lastly, conferences are the perfect place to network and meet new people. It’s a place where you can learn about emerging research in similar fields, and share your own project. It can be a great place to start research collaborations, meet potential PhD or post-doctoral supervisors, or get a new idea.

In conclusion, present at conferences to develop important life skills!

Word Count: 250

Keywords: Graduate Studies, Conference, Abstract, Presenting


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