Running Thoughts

ottawa marathon course map

A per-kilometer check-in on running the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon for the second time, on May 25, 2014.

Starting Line-      Apparently, there’s a man here running his 728th marathon. He is 88. Amazing.

Kilometer 1-      Yay, crowds of runners! (5min06 sec)

2-      I can’t believe these people woke up to cheer us on. It’s 7AM. Go back to bed. (9:52)

3-      The Rideau Canal is beautifully misty. (14:41)

4-      So I just gotta do this like 10 more times…

5-      Poster reads: “Pain is just a sign of de-feet.” Puns. (23:56)

6-      You know what? I’m not feeling too bad. Surprising given how much sitting I’ve been doing. (28:37)

7-      The sound of so many feet running is spectacular. And a bit frightening. (33:19)

8-      I remember this hill from last year. (38:02)

9-      I’m so happy I decided to do this. Even if this means that I’m taking a day off work. (42:32)

10-   Running a bit faster than I had anticipated. Maybe this will be a problem later… (47:09)

11-   Poster reads: “Worst parade ever.” Ha! (51:49)

12-   So nice to be recognized by an old friend I haven’t seen in ages!

13-   Awesome high school marching band. Free high fives.

14-   Is it greedy to take TWO power gels? Nope. (1hr05min41sec)

15-   On some sort of highway. No spectators. And a bit bored. At least it’s flat. (1:10:28)

16-   I’m glad I went with the sleeveless outfit- starting to get warm!

17-   My feet are starting to swell up and blister. How many toenails will I lose this year? (1:19:44)

18-   The guy in front of me just stopped to kiss his girlfriend. Cute. (1:24:15)

19-   I drank too much water. Can I do two things at the same time? Nope. Too many people watching, anyhow.

20-   Now entering Gatineau, QC.

21-   Half-way! (1:38:28)

22-   Gotta stop to give my friends and their son a hug- I FEEL GREAT!

23-   Do I feel great?

24-   I dunno- this hill doesn’t make me feel so great.

25-   But there’s so many people in front of the Museum of Civilization– can’t slow down now! (1:56:38)


27-   Heading back to Ottawa. Now that I’m on the bridge, definitely time to slow down.

28-   More power gels! I’ll take two, thank you very much!

29-   And there goes the leading elite woman racer at kilometer 39 already. Human gazelle.

30-   Feeling surprisingly okay.

31-   But here comes the wall. (2:25:44)

32-   Poster reads: “Humpty Dumpty also had wall issues.” (2:30:41)

33-   Hit. That. Wall. (2:35:46)

34-   Thank the world for Kylie Minogue. (2:40:43)

35-   KYLIE!


36-   MIN-O-GUE. (2:50:28)

37-   Thank you random person for giving out freezees. (2:55:54)

38-   Focus on anything but the pain. It will be over soon. (3hr01min09sec)

39-   Back in downtown Ottawa and it’s packed! (3:06:27)

40-   Just two more kilometers. (3:11:42)

41-   Why do I involuntarily cry when I try to smile? So tired. #facialcatharsis (3:17:10)

42-   200 meters left to go. Am I really crossing the finish line listening to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”? Yup!

Kilometer 42.2-DONE! (3:23:23; Per kilometer average: 4 minutes:50 seconds)


2 thoughts on “Running Thoughts

  1. Congrats for the Marathon, Emilio! Your first? Also, how’d you record your thoughts during the run? I imagine you didn’t exactly stop to take notes every kilometer? Anyhow, what a nice idea for a post!


    1. Thanks, Lorenzo! Actually this was the second time I ran the marathon– I did the same course last year. As for recording my thoughts, well, I have a good memory for short facts, and the running course is fairly structured (e.g., km marks, water stations) so it’s relatively easy to fit these thoughts in order.


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