Spring: nothing like the first time

 The beginning of March often coincides with the coming of spring. Spring: that wonderful season of calm and awakening, music and art, life and beauty. I love the commencement of any season because I enjoy observing the various changes that occur during the transition from one season to another. I consider this past weekend and more particularly Saturday March 9th, to be one such day of transition. Sure, there may be snow once more next week, in two weeks or even in a month, but this weekend feels like the beginning of spring. Saturday morning was quite warm outside: a welcomed 5°C! With the beginning of this transition period came the subtle and less subtle changes of winter to spring, beginning with the switch from a winter coat to a lighter spring/fall jacket. The birds are chirping, squirrels are chasing after each other up and down trees in a more carefree manner, the sun is shinning, the air smells fresh and people seem to be in a happier mood. The snow is melting and slowly disappearing along with winter. Even going to work this past weekend did not phase me! The blissful events accompanying spring are enough to make me giddy for at least a couple of days.

   Another aspect of warmer temperatures that I particularly appreciate in Montreal is the vibrant individuals in the streets that have various talents to demonstrate. For instance, Saturday as I was merrily walking to work via McGill College Avenue I saw a gathering of people at the corner of McGill College and Ste. Catherine, right next to Place Montreal Trust. Being the curious individual that I am, I got closer and was happily surprised by a group of three men breakdancing to the music of Justin Timberlake and other such artists. The trio was excellent and very entertaining. I truly appreciate the art of dancing, and these guys were particularly talented at breakdancing and popping rhythmically to the music. Most impressive of all was seemingly the older man of the group. He seemed to be at least 60 years old, but had moves that commanded applause and generated many impressed and shocked expressions. Watching the group of bystanders watching these talented dancers was truly a beautiful moment. Fortunately, such moments are prone to occurring in Montreal. I am personally thankful for such a display of art and talent, which is not seen on the streets of every city. It is something that I would not except to occur in Sherbrooke, for instance, the beautiful yet less vibrant city where I studied for the past two years. Montreal is an animated city where anything can and does happen.

   The beginning of spring is also the start of “the firsts” of the season. The first time I walk outside without my winter boots and winter coat. Oh, how I appreciate that first time! The first ice cream eaten outside (which I had Saturday, lovely!). The first performers observed in downtown Montreal. The first artists demonstrating their work and music. The first run outside after the cold winter. The first glance of tourists armed with their cameras all ready to capture a glimpse of our city’s dynamic atmosphere. The first considerable rainfall after the snow. All these and many more are what make the transition from winter to spring so enjoyable for me. That and the warmer weather! I may be a bit early in writing a piece on spring since it technically only begins in one week, but this past weekend was the start of the season for me. So rejoice, Montreal will come to life once more and with its awakening after a short period of hibernation will come many events and memorable activities. It’s not to say that there’s nothing going on during winter, but there seems to be more excitement in downtown Montreal during the warmer seasons.

What are your favorite moments of the coming season?

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another.  The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.  – Henry Van Dyke

10 thoughts on “Spring: nothing like the first time

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  2. I love what you call the “firsts” season! It’s so true how much lighter it makes you feel in mood, and how wonderful these “firsts” can be, even if we’ve lived in Montreal all our lives. It always feels fresh and rewarding after a difficult winter. Enjoy!


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