Can I pique your interest in some Pinterest?

It’s been a while since I’ve had my last grad life update. That’s because grad life can be *just that busy.* No explanation required.

But, in the meantime, I’ve taken up — what I can only refer to as my new hobby — pinning. What’s pinning? Well, it’s not blogging, and it’s not quite social networking. It’s actually kind of just a way of “liking” things and “collecting” them the way that the Little Mermaid (Ariel) did in her bedroom (that part where she sings ‘I want more’). It’s not necessarily a wish-list of items you want to purchase or wish you could, but, rather board where you put up everything you like and are interested in. The “pins” are links, but come out as pictures. So you end up with this board of pictures, representing your likes.

There, I think I did a good job of describing it.

Now, what it’s made me realize is that I have an interest in things that I didn’t realize I’m interested in. Such as interior design, event planning, fashion blogging, fashion critiquing and, oddly enough, mens’ fashions. It’s unlike any other social networking tool, because the “network” is not all about just showing off YOU and YOUR stuff. It’s more about ‘recommending’ things, or a type of ‘show-and-tell’ of things that you noticed.

What makes it comfortable is that it isn’t heavily me-centered. It actually allows you to look at other peoples’ pins and to “repin” them without feeling guilty as though you’re stealing their idea. All pins are meant to be repinned, and in fact, it’s nice when others repin your pins — it shows that others agree with your tastes!

There is also not much communication between users. No one really comments on things, and there are very few “negative” types of comments. It’s just a happy little community where people are pinning pictures of pretty things. And it’s very female-dominated. I would say that the majority of users are young women.

It’s not as liberating as writing a good poem. It isn’t as gratifying as doing humanitarian work. Nor is it as relaxing as lying on a beach. But there is something therapeutic and distracting about Pinterest that I just can’t pinpoint. It just allows me to use another part of my brain, albeit not creatively, but simply to explore and develop my tastes and to give me ideas for projects.

Although Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram still have their place in my heart, I’ve started to wonder if I could repin some of the things I see on those websites.

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