Getting Started

Well, it has begun; I’ve started writing my thesis. Sort of.

I’m still going to be in the lab for a few weeks finishing up this and that, but the time has come to get the ball rolling on the writing phase. In honor of this I submit to you the following video, which I think fairly represents that delicate stage that all thesis writers must go through: actually starting the thing.

A toast to all you grad students out there who are tackling the beast. Do not go gently into that good word document.  Once you get into the rhythm the references will be just flying out of your fingertips. You will become one with the literature. Your methods section will be as reproducible as a Warhol soup can. Your intro will titillate and pique the interest of all your peers. You will be an expert in your insanely specific mini-niche. Your everyday verbiage will make less and less sense to those outside of your field of specialization. Your figures and tables will automatically be correctly formatted and titled both below and above, respectively. Your brilliant command of the English language will take a backseat to repetitively accurate terminology. Your thoughts will be organized in a logical order and within the framework provided on the McGill template. You will format everything as stated in the McGill template. You will buy a shirt with the McGill template printed on it. The McGill template will be your bible. You will become the McGill template. You will not even be tempted to cite Wikipedia.

Yes, all these tractate-related pleasures and more will be yours, but first you must get started.

Note: I wrote this post while procrastinating.

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