5 Top things I’m looking forward to this semester at McGill

1. Trying all the cafeterias on the Downtown Campus
Options are not lacking in terms of food availability on our downtown campus. In addition of being affordable, the variety of food will definitely meet the diverse tastes of the McGillian community. So far, I’ve enjoyed Subway in the arts building, Tim Hortons near the Redpath library and the food court at the McGill University Centre. I’m now looking forward for more. If you want to embark on an adventure to stimulate your taste buds, the link below could assist you.

Click to access wheretoeatmap20112012.pdf

2. Exercising at the gym
With all the food that I’m planning to consume, I really need to stay fit and healthy. I will be exercising at the MacDonald Campus gym. No procrastination this semester. I will stick to my exercise schedule.

3. Conducting research
After a year learning about research methods, I’m finally ready for fieldwork. This semester, I will be interviewing teachers regarding their teaching practices in differentiating science education for students with learning disabilities. I seize this opportunity to thank Ms. Collin for her support in responding to all my questions regarding the REB application. Ms. Collin, you rock!

4. Meet with friends at Thomson House for drinks after our or before 9 pm class
Last semester, my cohort (PhD year 2 in educational studies) discussed our lack of bonding. This semester, we plan to enjoy drinks at Thomson House and enjoy our time together.

5. Blogging for Gradlife
Last, but not least. Blogging for Gradlife is high on my agenda this semester. Watch for my articles 


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