Summer summer summertime….

I’ve had a slight blogging delay due to certain reasons which I won’t go into detail about. Certain things are new to me this summer of 2012. (Well, summer technically hasn’t commenced, but you’d think it has with the humidex and the weather today. Unbelievably hot!) I’m not sure if they’ll stay that way….but I’ve observed a few things.

Grand Prix weekend wasn’t at all what it used to be.

There are quite a few women and men in uniform around — didn’t know we had so many!

Saint-Catherine may cave in.

The view of Mount Royal is almost entirely blocked by the new superhospital getting built.

Saint-Laurent street sales — not at all what they were in, say, the summer of ’05. Many more deals back then.

There are masses of people walking around, trying to make different points.

Despite all of this….despite all of this hoopla…there is one thing that hasn’t caved in (yet!) — Old Montreal. I think we need to step back and appreciate Old Montreal for what it is. Also, the West Island. Downtowners, and those living in the McGill ghetto often never get out of the downtown ‘bubble’ and out to the West. In the West Island you can enjoy such things such as:

Shopping at a big, air-conditioned mall (that is a mere 15 minute bus ride from Côte-Vertu metro station with the 470 express).

Eating out. You can go to a myriad dining locations on Sources, Saint-Jean, Saint-Charles, Pierrefonds Boulevard, Gouin, Pointe-Claire, Lachine or Dorval on the lakeshore, and many more hidden treasures.

Festivals. Each city has its own ‘day’, and although some have already passed, others are upcoming.

Shakespeare in the park. These events often take place in parks around the West Island.

Movies in the park.

Cap-Saint-Jacques — a picnic, biking, semi-zoo, farm, beach, and tourist location.

Outlet shopping at the Kirkland Colliseum outlet malls.

Lots of outdoor swimming pools.

And, if you keep driving West, you will most likely get to Ontario, where you’ll find other things to do.

If you drive South, you’ll get to the U.S.

See? You can still enjoy summer, just a 470 express busride away.



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