My movie “Saudade” selected in the Short Film Corner – Cannes Festival 2012

Those of you who have read my posts a few months ago might recall that I was talking about a movie entitled Saudade I shot last summer. I recently got the news that it got selected at the Short Film Corner at the 65th edition of Cannes Festival 🙂

This is one of the news that just keeps you smiling for days in a row, and you just cannot help it…  Being accepted at the Short Film Corner is a very interesting step and a big deal for us, since it is an area where accredited guests, filmmakers, producers and film buyers come to watch the selected films in the digital film library. There are only two accredited guests allowed to go there, preferrentially the executive producer and director of the movie. However, if any of those cannot make it, there is always another crew member (actor / DOP / scriptwriter) that could replace him and go to the event.

It is therefore a wonderful opportunity to network and mingle with like-minded people in the cinema industry, as there will be thousands of them. It is also a chance to pitch the ideas of your future upcoming projects to potential producers, and / or to sell your current movie to international buyers or distributors.

Also, being part of the Short Film Corner allows you to have access to a few theatres showcasing independent short films, or to attend workshops, breakfasts, cocktails and speeddating events targeted for networking between producers and filmmakers.


This movie is a personal project that stems from the heart. It is a tribute to a relative of mine who was fighting cancer and passed away exactly a year ago. This loss affected me a lot and triggered me to express myself through my favorite art medium: cinema.

The film’s aim is to raise awareness for cancer and to describe the inner drowning and overwhelming loneliness of patients affected by this vicious disease.

You can watch the trailer of my movie right here:

Also, show your support by joining our Official Page:

One thought on “My movie “Saudade” selected in the Short Film Corner – Cannes Festival 2012

  1. Congratulations, Yasmine! That’s wonderful news for you. It shows this film means a whole lot to you and comes from your heart, and I hope that it will move others as well!


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