The Baby and The Fat Belt


I just lost my entire post. What kind of website doesn’t automatically save drafts?! WordPress, you are on thin ice.

I am forced to paraphrase what I had written before about being a TA and wrestling students if they challenged my authority- but I suppose I’ve lost the zeal to do so and will talk of other matters.

I also made fun of how cluttered my lab was.

In addition to lab and TA work I have started to babysit a 7 month old one night a week. Like all baby mammals he is absolutely adorable. He hasn’t spent much time away from his mother yet, so our activities mainly involve me trying to distract him from crying by putting him in front of the mirror, or running water from the tap. It’s a lot of work, but for some reason or another I find it rewarding. If I figure out why I will be sure to blog about that too.

Lastly, we have matters of  The fat belt. I found this in a Dietitians magazine. Pretty weird.

That’s it from me, go read something better like BoingBoing.



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