The Lab

Don’t get me wrong, I like working in the lab- but there is something horrifying about feeling stuck in a project when the only thing you can do to finish it are tedious, repetitive tasks that require your utmost attention. You simply have to take your time, no short cuts. To add another layer of stress, there is a limited quantity of blood. Most of the blood samples have been used for other assays (I don’t even want to consider the effect the multiple freeze/thaw cycles has had on the stability of what I am looking for. OH MY GOD). Having limited blood is tricky because if I do make a mistake, which I have done, I severely run the risk of decreasing my sample size.
N= 0.
Thesis = fail. 
Lisa Starr
But as Lisa so wisely says, to comfort me whenever I make an error ‘It’s amazing that more things don’t go wrong because of all the opportunity there is to make mistakes.’
She’s the best. You should really meet her.