A non-hierarchical list of great Mtl food spots.

1. Since it is not suited for a student budget, I savour any opportunity to enjoy Tuck Shop’s  seasonal menu, comfortable dishes, mellow but spirited staff, and mastery of lively calm. (4662 Notre-Dame O)

2.  The cut-and-taped on-the-wall menus, 20-seater space, chef’s infectious enthusiasm, and departure from North America’s sushi-dominated Japanese restaurant concept make Kazu worth the wait in the ever-present line.  (1862 Ste-Catherine O)

3.  Despite whispers of inferiority in comparison to its bigger sister at Jean Talon, any summer day is made better by a canal-side picnic of fresh baguette, cheese, charcuterie and fruit from the Atwater Market. (138 ave Atwater)

4. Jane’s unusual combinations (eg. mac & cheese; smoked meat, mustard & pickles; lobster) and doughy crust have made me question my decade-long belief that quality pizza does not exist in Montreal, but beware of the $20 glass of wine. (1744 Notre-Dame O)

5.  Pizzeria Magpie, with its mellow and traditional approach and amiable and warm atmosphere, offers another exception to the bad pizza rule. (16 Maguire)

6. If, like me, you are susceptible to cravings for fast, delicious, no frills Greek take-out (or eat-in), put Villa du Souvlaki on speed dial! (5347 Sherbrooke O)

7. Just as the Atwater Market improves any summer day, the beer and BBQ at Terrasse St. Ambroise is the perfect way to start any summer evening. (5080 St-Ambroise)

8.  Although I expected its pretty-people, oft-crowded, très chic atmosphere to lack staying power, Buvette Chez Simone’s food, wine and cozy quarters have become more charming than disarming. (4869 du Parc)

9.  Andalos Bakery (266 Boul Lebeau), Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery (291 Beaudoin) & Olive & Gourmando (351 Saint-Paul O).  Trust me.

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