PhD Comics – the movie

Outdoor screening featuring the skyline of Montreal

Last week we had the screening of the movie PhD Comics at McGill University. For those of you not familiar with the characters, it is based on the comics of the same name created by Jorge Cham, himself a PhD from Stanford University.

Although most of the jokes in the movie were extracted from the original comics, it was worth watching these grad students’ adventures in the big screen.

It is not difficult to think of ourselves in their situation, sometimes relating to our interactions with grad students or our advisors, sometimes with the crazy things we do ourselves. Like this one, for example:

Admit it: this went through your head at least once…

Unfortunately the movie is not yet available on DVD or streaming, so for those of you who missed it you’ll have to wait a while. Meanwhile, here is the trailer:

Did you watch the movie? How did you like it? And what is your favorite comic strip? Share with us and post the link in the comments session!

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