Fall fashion 101

Let’s take a break from studying. What do you study in?

Photo credit: Garance Doré

You may think that academia is no place for fashion. In fact, when you look around McGill – really – the way that many people dress speaks for itself (although there are many who dress well). It’s really a look that says, “my head was too busy being buried in a book to notice what a mistake I made in my faulty garment choices.” That’s a noteworthy argument, but holds no ground in reality. One of the most important things to market when you graduate is yourself, and part of marketing yourself is putting out an image that will attract employers.

So, you’ve come to live in a very fashion-conscious city — Montreal. Everyone has effortless-chic pinned down. You may be fresh out of high school. You may be from far away places, even close-by places. In fact, you may be used to those nice green campuses that look quite a bit similar to McGill’s — where everyone is lounging around in a hoodie and sweats. Despite McGill’s college campus ‘look’, if you visit the Bronfman building you’ll notice a high degree of style consciousness. Let’s not forget that McGill, this year, has been ranked the number 1 university in Canada and stands as number 17 in the world. This puts us in the same league as Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge. It’s also situated in one of the highest ranked places to live in the world in terms of how happy people are (Montreal). To really fit in to this beautiful city, everyone is trying their best to dress the part.

Ladies, I noticed that you like your black leggings. Now, if you choose to wear leggings, opt out of the flip flops. Pair them with a boot or a nice flat. Wear a longer top with them. Tattered and torn clothing, and cropped tops can be replaced by some of the items I’ll pick out below. Take fashion magazines’ advice with a grain of salt. If they tell you to recycle your summer skirts and dresses by pairing them with pantyhose and cowboy boots….you don’t have to listen to every word they say. You are the one choosing your attire. Everyone seems to be wearing floral summer dresses paired with big grandma cardis, pantyhose and brown cowboy boots. Sigh…there’s no way to remedy that situation. Ok…one last thing: if things clash – don’t wear them together in the name of dressing “hipster.” Ok. I’m not talking about a couple of randos – there is a large population who succumbs to these aforementioned trends! Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone abandon the carefree nerdy or jock look and turn into a complete fashionista overnight. Maybe what I’m saying is revolutionary – it may change the face of McGill forever into a head-turning empire.

Here are some fall style suggestions…

Bell bottoms. Stylish bag to fit your iPad and books. Leopard-print. Red (in any form). Striped poncho. Tortoiseshell cuff. That’s just a start.

Enjoy the semester!





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