Gradschool: Supervisors Theorem 101

Differing extensively from one other, classification of supervisors has remained a tedious task for most graduate students. Though some fictitious categories have been discussed in this article, your contribution to complete the list is more than welcome. The types are as follows:

1. Dr. Perfect – Neither too much, nor too little
Supervisors categorized as “Dr. Perfect” are characterized by their strong determination, unconditional dedication and continuous support in our gradlife experiences. Guiding us to grow, as our research project expands and flourishes, is their ultimate objective. “Dr. Perfect” does not usually provide straightforward answers to questions, but will give us indications and relevant tools to enhance the use of grey matter.

2. Go figure – Too little
“Go figure” supervisors do not enter labs, teach lab techniques or help in trouble shooting. Why? Go figure 🙂 . The immediate results in dealing with the “Go figure” will be constant frustrations, fits of anger and sometimes shedding of tears. Finally, working with these supervisors pay in the long-run, you’ll gain self-confidence, have ability to work independently and solve the hardest problems with the best solutions.

3. Spoon feeders – Too much
The Spoon/Spatula feeders will give the whole repertoire of your research from A to Z, teach all lab techniques and trouble shoot any problems ranging from fairly easy to extremely tedious. Moreover, they will even build presentation slides for students and monitor the flow of ideas. Finally, students will succeed in producing excellent publishable results. Gradlife will be characterized mostly by the “no stress” policy – live life and go merry. After graduation, students can even land the job of their dreams. However, maybe, performance will be below average as students might fail to solve problems and perform to the best of their abilities – why? – Because “spoon – feeders” will not be there to always cover for them.

4. Dr. Talkative – Completely out of subject
This category is best described with a fictitious situation. Notebook opened, pen in hand and ambitious ideas jiggling in your head, you are in a meeting to DISCUSS a project with this genus of supervisors and the only voice you will ever hear is Dr. Talkative – talking, talking and babbling about multiple ideas for research and jumping from one topic to another. You mentally clear your throat, trying to formulate your sentences and as you utter an idea… BOOM, he/she interrupts you, ignoring you completely and keeps chatting on as you lose track of time and subject matter. Yes, it gets frustrating and you might lose interest in the field.

Note: This article is the subject of my delirious mind. Hence, all these categories of supervisors bear no ressemblance to anyone dead or alive. If you recognize some of these genera, it is purely coincidental. This is a “just-for-laugh” writing.

neerusha gokool baurhoo

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