Things to do if you’re spending summer in the city #2: Lots of Yoga

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There are a ton of excellent yoga studios in Montreal. My personal favourite is Moksha Yoga (I go to the NDG studio, but there’s also one on St. Laurent). Moksha is a hot studio, and from November to March it’s pretty much the only place I feel like the permafrost on my inner organs actually melts away. In summer, heavy sweating for 90 minutes is a fantastic way to detoxify after too many nights spent having “just one more” glass of wine with your friends out on the terrasse. Also, today (June 15th) is the last day that you can pick up Moksha’s 3 month unlimited summer deal. Check out their website for contact info.

If you’re the kind of person who’d rather escape than chase the heat, however, I’ve had friends recommend Studio Bliss on St. Laurent, which is offering an inexpensive introductory rate (30 days for 40$), available to students until tomorrow (June 16th).

I’ve also heard great things about United Yoga Montreal, which is just a short walk from campus (for us poor souls who are still here) and which offers a 3 month introductory deal. What better time to improve your practice than now, when your supervisors are (thankfully) too busy enjoying the summer months to ask you about your research progress?

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