Things to do if you’re spending summer in the city #1: Support local farmers

Sometimes I think the only reason I suffer through the abuse of Montreal winters is because of its summers. It’s no secret that there are a ton of great festivals to check out, that the nightlife is great, and that once stripped of parkas and galoshes, Montrealers suddenly seem happier and more attractive.

Beyond the typical stuff on tourist lists of hot spots and urban attractions, however, there are also many things about summer in Montreal that are worth looking into if you’re not on holiday, but simply living your life as usual. A warmer, sunnier version of life, perhaps, but one in which you still have to cook dinner, maybe feed your kids, and get to work on Monday morning, even if you get there in flip-flops.

One excellent thing to do (in my opinion): Sign up to receive seasonal vegetable baskets from local family farmers, which you can pick up weekly at one of the many drop-off points in the city arranged through the Équiterre network. You’ll not only be eating the freshest of the fresh, but you might also discover that you have a new found appreciation for rutabagas, or a hidden talent for making tomato jam. A pantry stocked with tomato jam might not preserve the feeling of a summer night spent on a terrasse surrounded by beautiful people in sundresses and shorts, but at least it’ll help stave off scurvy once January comes back to whup us into submission.

2 thoughts on “Things to do if you’re spending summer in the city #1: Support local farmers

  1. Not only is supporting the local farmers just an awesome thing to do. It is also the best way to get the most awesome nutrient-rich foods all summer long. Shopping at farmers markets is also one of the most pleasant things you can do around Montreal.


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